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Dog Home Boarding

Have you ever spent time on holiday feeling guilty and worrying about your dog in kennels?
If so you are not alone and many now choose home boarding as an alternative. So what does home boarding actually mean?

Well in our case it means your dog will be living as part of our family in our house, have access to our 3.5 acres and be fully involved in our normal day to day activities. Our main business is
Rosewood Fishery a small public fishing lake with 3 holiday caravans for hire so we 'work' at home and so have plenty of time to devote to your pet. We have our own dog Freddie a 3yr old smooth haired Fox Terrier, he is very friendly mixing with dogs of different breeds and ages and, as you can see from the photographs he loves to buddy up to our guests. Some of our holiday dogs love having trips out in our van but if you prefer your dog remains 'on site' for the duration of their holiday that is fine with us. There may be occasional periods where your dog is left at home but never for more than three hours and only after the dog is well settled in.

We will ask you to complete a form providing us with all relevant information including details of a nominated person (if not you) to contact in the event of an emergency. Throughout your dogs stay they will wear one of our 'holiday tags' on their collar in the unlikely event they stray. Dogs are walked on and off our 3.5 acre small holding and most other times will have unrestricted access to our fully fenced garden and paddock area. Our fencing is of normal post and rail height and so we can't accept 'jumpers'. If you are considering bringing your dog to us for a holiday we encourage at least one visit beforehand so you can see the environment your pet will be in and also give your dog chance to meet us and us them. We usually only take two dogs at any one time but we can accommodate up to four providing all dogs are compatable.  

Freddie wth Bobby Beagle

Freddie with Fizz & Tilly

We do not accept aggressive dogs or any breed listed in the dangerous dogs act. If a dog shows aggression to us or other boarding dogs we will ask you or your nominated person to removed it from our premises.

We never leave dogs from different homes together unattended.

We do not accept puppies or dogs which are not housetrained.

All dogs must be vaccinated. 

Boarding Rates (24hrs from time of arrival).
1 dog £24 per 24hrs. If not collected at the end of the 24hr period a day care rate will apply up to 11hrs then full rate 24hr applies. 
2 dogs (same home) £44 per 24hrs. If not collected at the end of the 24hr period a day care rate will apply up to 11hrs then a full 24hr rate applies.

Day Care Rate (8am to 7pm) outside these hours a full 24hr rate applies.
1 dog £18 
2 dogs (same home) £34
We are happy to collect or return your dog for an additional charge.
Rates do not include food.

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